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This website with multiple articles consisting of various task and equipment associated with woodworking is directed toward the hobbyist and is not intended for application in a commercial setting where compliance of OSHA regulations is mandated. 
The reader assumes all liabilities and responsibilities associated with the hazards of woodworking.  Any information obtained within this website is solely the readers responsibility of their actions or inactions and accordingly I assume no liability in how this information is used.

These are some the jigs and equipment I use during my work.

This is one of the first jigs I built for the table saw and found it very useful. It measures 25" deep by 32" wide and constructed out of scrap oak and oak veneer plywood. The Degree scale was designed and printed by a local print shop on a radius of 12" and cusor lines of 5mm.

Adjustable Mite Jig
Miter Sled

After constructing and using several miter sleds and jigs of my own design, I started researching the different models available on the market , the Smart Miter was my final choice. I found it's setup instructions easy to follow,and it's design and range very useful for accurate miters.

Smart Miter
Miter Sled

Feather Board
Dado Feather Board

Cabinet Saw and Outfeed Table
Cabinetsaw & Outfeed table

Every cabinet saw should have it's own shop storage and this is my version. The top drawer holds the measuring and setup tools. The second drawer holds the saw blades and extra router bit sets. The bottom drawer holds the tenon jig and accessories. The rear of the cabinet has three shelves for additional storage of least used items.

Cabinet Saw Accessory Cabinet

The side compartment to the saw cabinet holds the table saw blade inserts and miter gauge while the other part of the slide-out hold the dado blade and addtional blades.

Saw Table Accessory Cabinet
Accessory Cabinet

Althought the cabinet saw is the primary saw in the shop, this small benchtop saw (below) made by Ryobi, BT3000, was purchased at first as a portable saw but later set up on the current table with the small Delta shaper/router to use in the shop as a secondary work/saw station. In cases when the main saw is set up specificly for one operation the workstaion can be set up for tenon, rabbet, dado, grooving or shaping work. The workstation is my variation of a design by Wood Magazine with ideas taken from the Ultimate Tool Station. With plenty of workspace and storage this set up can make a valuable asset to anyones shop. Plan for each can be acessed through the highlighted links.

The Ultimate Tool Stand Article

Bench Saw and Small Shaper
Benchsaw & Shaper/Router

Adjustable Feather Board
Feather Board

Cut-Off Jig
Cutoff Jig

Adjustable Feather Board for Ripping
Thin Strip Jig

Crosscut Sled
Crosscut Sled

Miter Sled
45 Degree Miter Sled

Fluting Jig & Indexing Plate
Fluting Jig for Lathe

Sanding Table Holdowns
Sanding Table Holdowns

Sanding Table Holddowns

Although there are many taper jigs that can be purchased I found this to be a great design and easy shop project which was featured in FWW.

Taper Jig
Taper Sled


Router Dust Collection Plate

Plane Handle

Plane Handle



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